Her double masters from a foreign university gave her tools for a career but her personal experiences gave her tools for life.

The setback of an abusive marriage, post separation abuse, a messy divorce, and resultant trauma became game changers for her!

It took a while, but on her healing journey, she has found herself, learnt to thrive and found her life’s purpose.

Aarti is now invested in practising as a Domestic Abuse Coach.

She vehemently advocates the word ‘survivor’ over ‘victim’.

She is on a mission to support survivors transition from toxic relationships and heal them from the trauma of domestic abuse to regain balance and find their inner strength. Her focus is to help them view a life beyond abuse and accelerate their recovery journey.

Interestingly, Aarti pursues her coaching work regardless of the survivor’s gender or geography because she views abuse as a crime against humanity.


Aarti, a survivor and a Domestic Abuse Coach, supports her coachees become self-reliant, confident, fearless and forthcoming about life after abuse.